The Fuse Is Still Burning



“This 1986 album sees singer/songwriter Steve Flashman beginning to embrace ’80s keyboard technology and updating his sound. As you’d expect, this is a collection of spiritual, thought provoking material recorded at the height of Steve’s time as a music minister. The album also saw him team up with After The Fire’s John Russell who produced this set. The songs “Private Life”/”Video Boom” were liberated from this set and released as a seven inch single. Both songs coming from the edgier end of the album and “Private Life” has a neat insistent groove whilst “Video Boom” employs a more futuristic sound. Other highlights of the album include the opening pop of “Hit And Run” and the punch of the title cut. Another piece of catchy pop is captured towards the end of the set on “You Stood Me On My Feet” with its worshipful feel. Listening to this 25 years on, it’s definitely of its time and these days Steve is a church minister but there’s plenty to enjoy if you enjoy some retro ’80s sounds or admire strong songwriting”

Mike Rimmer

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